Expert Tips For Selling Your Brand’s Products On Instagram

David Fradin
2 min readOct 8, 2021

Today, social media marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective strategies used by brands looking to connect with and sell to their target audiences.

But today’s consumers are leerier than ever when it comes to buying from online brands.

Not only are modern consumers hesitant to spend money on companies that they’ve never heard of or seen before, but there’s also some evidence to say that today’s consumers don’t often pay attention to ads if they know they’re paid for or sponsored in any way.

Many would argue that this shift in consumer buying habits was long overdue.

But for businesses trying to market themselves in 2021, this shift has left them struggling to find new ways to connect with and sell products or services to their increasingly reluctant online audiences.

Fortunately, inbound marketing is designed to help you with just that!

In the following article, we’re exploring how you can use the basic principles of inbound marketing to sell your brand’s products or services on social media platforms like Instagram.

Don’t Be Pushy

While the world of outbound marketing consists of paid ads that essentially tell consumers to BUY THIS PRODUCT, inbound marketing takes a slightly different approach to attract and convert new customers.

Rather than creating content that pushes your products, services, deals, and promotions, the idea behind inbound marketing is to create content that will directly address the interests and concerns of your target audience by providing them with the information and education they’re already looking for online.

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